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Surfcamps in June

Summer camps season begins in June with great enthusiasm.
This month is perfect for surf practice at the El Palmar beach. There are good waves everyday and also excellent temperature to be in the water all day.
We have several choices, with surf lessons for all levels and ages. Suitable accommodation for you, PC or AD.
Don’t hesitate and book your camp. Limited places available and competitive prices.

If none of the options above suits your needs, and we will try to develop a program personalized for you.



What do they include?

* 6 surf lessons 2 hours every day with equipment (wetsuit, surfboard, leash and wax).
* Accommodation: 6 nights in our surfhouse, in CAMPING or HOUSE.
* For adults, surf equipment available after class.
* For children, 1 hour every day free surfing under the supervision of instructors.
* Qualified surf instructor by The Spanish Surfing Federation and/or lifesaving.
* Groups of 6 people maximum per instructor.
* Accident and Civil Responsibility Insurance
* Transport to the bus station of Conil de la Frontera or the bus stop in El Palmar, Vejer.

Other activities:

* SUP (Stand Up Paddle)
* Beach volleyball
* Balancing games (indo-boards and slackline)
* Stretching session
* Surf videos
* Surfskate, Longskate and skate
* Ping-pong
* Board games


* Transport to the train station in San Fernando. 15€/person/journey
* Transport to Jerez Airport. 20€/person/journey
* Private accommodation in apartments or separated studio. 50€/person.
* 3 Yoga sessions 30€/person

Frequently asked questions:

* Arrivals and departures. I haven’t got any car to go. Could you pick me up?

Arrival times at the Camp are from 3pm until 8pm on the first day of the camp and departures from 3pm until 7pm on the last day of the camp.
If you haven’t got any transport to come, we can pick you up or take you to the bus station in Conil de la Frontera or bus stop in El Palmar (for FREE). The journey to the train station in San Fernando is 15€/person/journey, 3 persons minimum; and the drive to the airport of Jerez de la Frontera costs 20€/person/journey, 3 persons minimum.
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* Can I go to On the Sea camp if I have never surfed before? ¿And what about if I know just a little bit?

Of course, you can! We are here to teach you, and if you already know, we will help you to improve your techniques and so progress your surfing. In any case, the only thing you need to know is to swim and be willing to have fun.
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* I’m worried about safety. How do you take care of every child?

Qualified instructors stay 24hours a day with them. The ratio in every surf class is 6 students per instructor. Our instructor are experts and knowledgeable about the marine conditions of the El Palmar beach and surroundings. We have a surf area 40 metres away from our school. In the summer season, there are also lifesaving and first aid services of the town council of Vejer de la Frontera, with some vigilance towers and Red Cross close to the surf spot.
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* What do I need to bring to the Camp?

– ID card.
– Social Security card or private medical insurance card.
– If you are under 18, an authorization form must be filled out and signed by your parent or legal guardian.
– If you are having some medical treatment, don’t forget your medication.
– A small suitcase with the clothes necessary for the days of the stay in the Camp, a toilet bag and two or three towels.
– You should bring some warm clothes even in summer because the night cools down and you might need to cover up.
– Sun protection cream, beach sandals, beach towel and swimsuit.
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* How old do I have to be to go to the Camp?

You must be at least 10 years old. The average age in the camps for underage people is 15 years old. In adult camps, age ranges from 18 to over 40, that is, there is no age limit to assist.
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* What do we eat?

We have a varied menu including meat dishes, fish, fruit, vegetables, pasta, rice, juice, sweets, etc. They all are home-made dishes, elaborated with ecological products from the area (season vegetables, countryside eggs, fruits).
Besides, at all times you can have refreshing drinks, juices, fruits and sweets as physical exercise and especially surfing increase appetite.
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