Why On the Sea


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Why On the Sea?

Because we live our dreams

On the Sea surf school is born from a dream, which has become true after hard work and dedication. You can feel this!

Because El Palmar is a perfect surf spot!

The climate is soft and sunny. The beach is 4km long and the sea has variable waves. So, you can go surfing here all year.

Because we are professionals

We rely on The Spanish Surfing Federation. We have got all the licenses and permits necessary to carry out our activities. We are officially recorded as an Active Tourism Company in the Register of Enterprise and Tourist Activities. All our coaches are surfers and are qualified Level 1 instructors by The Spanish Surfing Federation and/or Rescue Swimmers or Lifeguards.

Because the most important thing is the individual

Our team work “On the Sea” is formed by professionals who love surfing and the ocean. Our main goal is not the financial but the individual. Transmitting knowledge to learners makes us feel happy. Here you breathe healthy air.

Because word of mouth works

Everyday more and more people trust us to learn how to surf or improve their surfing skills thanks to our old students’ recommendations. We really appreciate this and take this opportunity to thank them.