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Our Thanks

We would like to dedicate this section to express our sincere gratitude to all the people, friends and family that helped to make On the Sea surf school possible.

If you have a project or a dream, we will always be there to support you.
Gonzalo Galván, Miguel Guadix, Fernando Borges, FºJavier López, Francisco Carrera, Juan Diego Álvarez, David Fernández, Antonio de Arcos, Juan José Peña…….many more.

Nowadays, our work team consists of 4 people and in summer the number of instructors increases. This is a small company that is characterized by hard work, perseverance and with many dreams to achieve.



Director técnico y ejecutivo.

82´ Seville.

He is passionate about surfing, nature and freedom. He is the founder of On the Sea surf school and surf camp, and makes a living from what he truly loves, surfing.

Certificate in Business Administration.

Surfing Instructor Level 1 accredited by The Spanish Surfing Federation.
Surf teaching experience for 6 years. Modest, friendly and lively are his best qualities.
He is knowledgeable about the coasts of Cádiz and their secrets.

Spots, conditions, depths and tides always enable you to have a good day with him.

Relaciones públicas y atención al cliente.

83´ Seville.

She has played a major role in the project since the beginning. She is a very good surfer and a nice person.

Certificate in Tourism.
Secondary Education Teacher and Training Course Teacher.
Spanish Teacher for foreign students.

She has over 10 years teaching experience. Teaching is her passion.
She is kind, modest, and charming and loves children. She makes you feel at home and provides you with all the information you need about lessons, surf camps, tourist tips and travel advice.

Monitor de surf y tiempo libre.

87´ Jerez.

New signing in 2014.
His big passions are surf, music and teaching.

Certificate in Music Education.
Surfing Instructor Level 1 accredited by The Spanish Surfing Federation and International Surf Association.

Over 10 years surfing experience at the beaches in Cádiz. Besides, his adventurous spirit has brought him to other surf destinations, Portugal, Northern Spain, The Canary Islands, Costa Rica and Panamá, in search of perfect waves and other cultures.

He is spontaneous, enthusiastic and dynamic. Sharing his positive emotions and experiences with others makes him happy.

Monitor de surf.

93´ Seville.

He is the youngest of the work team On the Sea.
He has a very high level of surfing and competition experience in surfing events in Andalucía and Galicia, such as King of the Groms Quicksilver, getting very high scores in 2008 and 2009.

Today, he studies Business and Administration at the University of Seville.
Surfing Instructor accreditated by ISA.
Two years experience in surf teaching at On the Sea surf school.

He started to surf when he was 10 in Cádiz, Portugal, and northern Spain.
He is encouraging, kind, responsible and hardworking. He will help you to enjoy and learn this amazing sport, surf.